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 American Classic

      american classic american classic sidecar american classic sidecar 

 american classic sidecar american classic sidecar american classic sidecar american classic sidecar american classic sidecar american classic sidecar american classic sidecar      


american classic sidecars


          Early body builders did very well in building bodies that had little to no real compound curves in them. The witness of how well these vintage designs were is evident by the simple fact that they are still with us after all these years.
The CSM 'American Classic' bodies are similar to the 1936 - '67 sidecar bodies offered by Harley Davidson.

With that being said we want to make it clear that the CSM American Classic bodies are handcrafted one at a time 'to order'. We do have a 'standard' design, but it is really only a baseline that can be modified during construction. With metal bodies we are not 'trapped' by a fiberglass mold so to speak. If we were to compare this standard CSM American Classic  design with the earlier versions such as Ural we would see that it is very close to the same length but is actually 2" wider. The CSM American Classic bodies are built in similar fashion structurally. The CSM American Classic  bodies also have very little or no interior bracing which is a plus for the passenger.

Bodies are handcrafted one at a time in 16ga steel or 1/8" aluminum. Handcrafting means that they will typically be some variables in the body itself more so than with fiberglass. Folks do not see this as a deficit but rather a badge of character which is kind of cool.

The standard CSM American Classic body finish is via powder coating. This finish is extremely durable compared to paint and provides a very nice appearance. We offer around 400 color options although black and white are considered standard. Other colors may or may not affect pricing. Although as a rule we do not delve into painting of our bodies, but we may do so from time to time. If someone wishes to paint a body at a later date, the initial powder coated finish makes a great base to work from rather than just bare steel or aluminum.

Leaving the aluminum bodies bare aluminum is also popular with some. If this is desired the welds will be left alone to be dealt with as the owner desires. Dressing the welds on the bodies is included in the cost of the powder coating preparation process.