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Our History

Freedom Sidecars is a company that was formed by sidecarists and for sidecarists. We are here to serve the sidecar and trike communities in many ways.

Although Freedom Sidecars does produce it’s own line of sidecars we are very proud and even humbled to say that we are also representatives of five premier sidecar related companies.
* Hannigan Motorsports out of Murray, Kentucky, under the guidance of Dave and Ruth Anne Hannigan, has been on the cutting edge of sidecar and trike development in this country for many years. We are happy to be able to represent this company in the sidecar , trike and motorcycle trailer world.
*The Texas Sidecar Company out of Leonard, Texas, which was formed by Bob Darden produces some time honored sidecar designs which are very popular.
*Motorvation Engineering out of Iowa under the leading of Mary Sontag and crew is also a producer of good quality well known sidecars and trailers.
*Champion Sidecars and Trikes out of California are also represented by Freedom Sidecars. Long known for quality sidecars Champion has, in recent years, become a major player in the world of trikes.
* Velorex Sidecars. Velorex produces a nice line of sidecars today.                                                                                                                                              *Liberty Sidecars, Pete Larson & Patty Billings and they produce a very nice Harley specific sidecar.                                                                                              We thank all of these companies for having us on board with them. It means a lot to us to be a part of them.


Team work is what it is all about. With each person within Freedom Sidecars LLC bringing a lot to the table to better help you, our valued customers and partners, we can work together to make this enterprise a go for us all. We are totally committed to not only provide excellent services on all fronts but also in establishing lasting relationships and friendships with all we have the opportunity to serve.

All of us at Freedom Sidecars are experienced sidecarists and ride as much as time allows. Again, Freedom Sidecars was established by sidecar folks for sidecar folks.
We hope to get to know all who have read these lines better in time.
Be sure to dig through our (your) site.
The Freedom Sidecar site is intended to be informative but also a fun place to visit. Return often !